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Skill Development and Personality Development

Technopulse is in partnership with companies providing skill development and personality development training in Government Colleges in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District which is a Department of Collegiate Education program across all the Government colleges in Karnataka.

Features of the Program:
• Brainchild of Department of Collegiate Education
• Objective- Employability
• Initiated and sponsored by Directorate of Collegiate Education
• Nominated for Prime Ministers Award
• Association- Great Recognition and Pride
• Recognition for Post Graduate Courses

Project Guidance:

A thorough research showed us that most colleges were not happy with Projects students were coming up with for their Final year project for Bachelor of Computer Applications degree. At Technopulse we provide project guidance to BCA students but in a slightly different way of conventional guidance. At Technopulse, students have to do the research and come up with an project idea themselves; we just guide them in requirement analysis, coding, testing and documentation. We along with the students develop applications here. /

Languages used:

Internship Program

In order to bridge the gap between the industry and the campus, we at Technopulse provide an internship program for students of IT discipline.

This program is for fresher out of the college or someone looking to change their career path. Technopulse provides internship program in any of their products or custom based applications and provide them with an Internship Certificate.

Skill Development programs

HR Management
Office Management
Hardware & Networking
Sales and Marketing
Software Languages