Fishmeal Inventory System

Fishmeal Inventory System developed for BAFCO.

Fishmeal Inventory system is a software application developed for Fishmeal and Fish oil suppliers. They are the Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Fish Meal and Fish Oil products.

This inventory application is very user-friendly standalone software which maintains clients record, purchase report, raw fish records, and client wise freight details.

Features of the application:-
1. Add / Edit / Delete Client records
2. Add / Edit / View Raw fish record
3. View Payment record
4. Clientwise invoice record
5. Raw materials details
6. Datewise Frieght details
7. Daily / Monthly / Years raw materials history
8. Payable record

1. No data loss.
2. Easy to track Customer Vehicle Status.
3. Monthly Group Bills are generated at a time for all the customers.
4. Records could be found based on various search options.

Client's Speak

Ease of Use
Help & Support
Overall rating

Our company received a quality and robust customized Fishmeal Inventory software from Technopulse. It Runs very well on the network and takes little time to create reports. Everyone from the project management staff to programmers were a pleasure to work with and the ending result of the software was truely amazing. They communicated very well, understood what we needed and then created a product that has made our business run far more efficiently that we could ever dream.

- Bawa Fishmeals