About Us

Technopulse - Intensive Technical Care

The root..

Technopulse is part of the HH group of companies. HH whose flagship company Hasan Hajee & Co, known for its integrity and service par excellence has been enjoying untainted market leadership in the shipping industry since 1940.The group has over the years ventured into diverse sectors. Today, we have our presence in industries ranging from real estate development to manufacturing plywoods (Sarkar Lamintes) and from export of minerals ( HH Exports) to manufacturing of traditional roofing tiles and clay products (HH Ceramics Pvt.Ltd)

It was only a matter of time before we made our foray into the I.T sector. Techno Pulse was initiated in 2009 with the core idea of taking technology to the most important aspect of its existence and that’s people. With a team rich in experience and character, we are on our way!.

The Company..

Launched in 2009 Technopulse is into Software Solutions, BPO, Training and Embedded Systems. Off late we can see advent of technology in almost all the industries. We at Technopulse feel that technology has not reached most important aspect of its existence and that’s people.

Technopulse intends to take technology to people. Develop what Clients need and have an interface such that Technopulse Solution’s product becomes part of their business.

Technopulse is a Software Development Company specializing in providing custom solutions for businesses. Our Primary business Strategy is to provide custom made software applications to Our Customers.

Our Vision..

Take the technology to the people; make it so easy to use so that our clients understand the technology that helps them grow their business.

Our Mission..

Help our clients become more efficient, responsive and cost-effective by using innovation, in-depth knowledge of Internet technology and having a clear understanding of our clients business needs.